Painting Party: Kira’s 8th Birthday

Having just moved to Switzerland Kira’s 8th Birthday party celebrated all her favourite things – pasta, painting, friendship & cake! Her new friends helped her celebrate by painting canvases of their favourite scenes in Switzerland and then helping munch through a mound of cake!


Minion Party: Bethany’s 5th Birthday

We celebrated Bethany’s 5th Birthday with a Minion themed pool party! Bethany has been a fan since the movie and so we went blue and yellow and kept the food theme too – minion fruit plate, minion eggs, minion wraps and minions in a ball pit for the cake! It was a fun evening making them for Ian and I and the girls got involved on coloring all the fondant – there were a few blue tongues! A dress up minion photo booth, minion Piñata & lots of pool time with a mixed age group of friends made for a wonderful Saturday afternoon! Happy Birthday to my bright, happy and loving Bethany x


Pink Panther: Kira’s 6th Birthday

For Kira’s 6th party we went all pink!! She couldn’t decide what she wanted and so we made the call – the haze meant instead of a pool party we had to go indoors and so this was our first family party which wasn’t hosted at our home! We went to a kids play center and it was the easiest party yet – pink and black decorations, some detective games, cake and soft play for kids to go crazy in! detective books for the party bags and we were set!

Doc McStuffings: Bethany’s 4th Birthday

Doc McStuffings was on hand to fix all the boo boo’s for Bethany’s 4th birthday! We were lucky to have the Rumian family staying with us and so shared with Ollie! Toys were bandaged and fixed, given medicine and cuddles and the docs were on duty until the rainstorm came and washed everyone upstairs! Pasta and Ice-cream cake were munched while the rain came down and then all back to the pool for more swimming! Simple yet effective 🙂

Dora & Diego Party: Kira’s 4th Birthday

Play stations of colored rice, coloring pages, and swim time as kids arrived but then “OH NO!! Swiper took Dora’s backpack!” The kids had to use the map to go through the crocodile swamp (paddling pool), across turtle river (swimming pool), through Swipers’s den (Ian with a mask playing peg-tag) and across the silly singing bridge (arms made by parents, row row row your boat) all the way to the castle where Dora found her backpack full of treasure (chubba-pops!). Food was mexican tacos, enchiladas, salads and a Dora cake! Fun had by all friends – Kira’s classmates, some newbie friends, neighbors and friends from Caracas.